News from the ValidITy project

User Meeting


Today was the first user meeting for ValidITy. We could present our software and our plans to representatives from industry and german authorities. We learned a lot from our potential users during several workshops. New ideas were collected and requirements to our software were formulated. The analysis of this input is starting now in order to fullfill as much as possible so that our product gains many satisfied users.

We highly appreciate the interest and the very pleasant and constructive cooperation from all participants. Thank you to Fugro Germany Marine GmbH, SeaTerra GmbH, the EOD-department of Schleswig-Holstein, the Technical Center 71 of German Armed Forces and the German Navy for your participation.

We are looking forward to present the new upcoming versions of ValidITy with your input implemented.

First Beta-Version of the Manual Annotator


Today was the first release for a partial application of ValidITy. With version V0.1 the first workflow the manual annotation is realised. It is still a beta version of ValidITy. There will come improvements and additional features. You can find the release under Download. We are looking forward to your feedback sent to ed.ramoeg@ytidilav.

Following features are implemented: